Whenever my daughter asks me to build her something, I have no power to resist! After watching Wall-E with her for the first time, she asked if she could have a Wall-E of her own. A few days later, I had tracked down this great Thingiverse repository. A couple weeks later, I had printed all the parts and started in on the painting, electronics install, and physical assembly. All parts were printed using Hatchbox black PLA, 0.15mm layer height, and varying infill 5-30% depending on structural need. All parts were coated in a 2 layers of primer before being spray painted. After masking the base layers, weathering was added using hobby acrylic paint (Burnt Umber, Burn Orange, Graphite, Black) to varying levels depending on how dirty I wanted him to look. My weathering techniques were based off of Adam Savage’s one day builds, like this nerf gun repaint. Its a gradual process of adding layers of color and wiping them off to leave it only in the corners and crevasses.

For the electronics and software, I am still in the process of working through development. Honestly, I was so happy with the paint job, I felt like this project fulfilled what I wanted to get out of it, which was more of an artistic effort to build confidence and process to tackle larger projects (like BB8 and R2D2). For now, he sits dormant, waiting for me to boot him up! He did make one trip with my daughter to school for show and tell, he was a hit!

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