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Hello! I’m Lawrence and I love to take everything apart. That’s me (center) with my adviser (left), Red Whittaker, and his Post-Doc (right), Heather Jones deploying a robot we built together to inspect decommissioned uranium enrichment facilities. No matter what I’m tearing through, an older printer, a piece of 80’s test equipment, or a coffee maker, I’m determined to see how everything around me works and always desire to add to my parts bin hoard. Going hand-in-hand with my love of teardowns and salvaging is the great pleasure I take in using only what I have in front of me to solve the engineering problems I encounter.

Where I am today as an engineer can be traced back to helping my grandfather pack rifle bullets in his basement full of tools and everything little me needed to begin tinkering and making my own creations. As soon as I began tearing apart my father’s ham radio equipment, he started buying me old computers and other electronics to keep my hands busy. I think the top of his head just about blew off when he came home and saw me holding screws in one hand and the back panel of an amplifier in the other. As you would have guessed, this lead me to pursue a career in engineering.

My background is in mechanical engineering, and I am currently pursuing graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University, focusing on robotics. My experience in electrical and computer science is both self taught and supported by classes and internships. Most of my personal projects revolve around robotics, embedded systems, power electronics, motor control, computer vision, and so on.

I hope this website will serve not only as a showcase of my work, but inspire others to develop cool and interesting ways to solve the problems humanity faces with robotics and automation. Enjoy!